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Atmosphere. Like many words in the English language, this one can be defined in several different ways. Scientifically speaking, atmosphere is the collection of gases held close to the surface of the earth by gravity, allowing for the existence of life on this planet. However, this is not the type of atmosphere that I am blogging about today. I want to talk about the more abstract definition of atmosphere, the one that describes the “pervading tone or mood of a place”. We all know the feeling of this type of atmosphere, though it can often be hard to describe or define. One thing that is for certain is that the various places we find ourselves in throughout the course of our day have a feel, and that this feel can have a dramatic effect on our mood, energy, and attitude toward the place we are in.

We all know a bad atmosphere when we see it. We have all found ourselves in line at the bland building with fluorescent lighting, bare walls, save for a few regulatory postings, and an attitude from the workers to match. We dread those places and cannot wait to leave them. Why? Because the atmosphere created in a place like that is sterile and maybe even a little depressing. If it has the effect on infrequent visitors, imagine the effect it has on the employees who report there day in and day out.

It does not have to be this way though. In fact, more and more, companies, hospitals, schools, and government agencies are discovering the dramatic effect that an improved atmosphere, via curated artwork, graphics and textures can have on the overall atmosphere of the space. These visual upgrades can do wonders for the morale of employees, the pride a student feels in their school, and the way a customer views the organization in which they are doing business.

At Slade Print, we specialize in improving the atmosphere of any space by partnering with our clients to create a very specific “tone or mood of a place”, one that takes into account the various themes and visions chosen to be promoted by the organization. We have a knowledgeable sales staff ready to answer your questions and provide ideas, talented designers, skilled press operators, and some of the best equipment the industry has to offer. Whether it is highlighting a long history or storied tradition, promoting a feeling of peace and tranquility, or making an impression through art and color, we have the knowledge and capability to create the atmosphere you envision.