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History of Slade Print by Tom Slade

In April of 2018, we became Slade Print. It was a major move, and one we had contemplated and prepared for after 25 years of connectivity with a major franchise brand. Why the change, you might ask? Simply stated…the future.

Offset printing in its original state is a diminishing product. We have been consistently re-inventing ourselves for the last 25 years to remain relevant and top-of-mind in the ever-changing world of print communication technologies. In order for us to continue that growth trend, we needed to focus on products outside the box of traditional printing. And our second generation of family members were ready for the challenge–and for the transition.

The Slade family is now poised for the next quarter century of helping our clients stay relevant and ahead of their competition in brand and product printing and marketing. We have added a new business to our portfolio: ProMark, a 40-year-old staple business in our community, is now a Slade Print company. ProMark provides state-of-the-art label production, corporate apparel–including screen print and embroidery–and a strong promotional products presence in the region. The acquisition of ProMark builds our portfolio to deliver all of those products as well as our traditional offset and digital printing, sign design, and production–which includes traditional sign making as well as floor and wall graphics, vehicle wraps and installations, and a variety of other solutions for fulfillment, mailing, and corporate image production.

Our family is deeply connected to and involved in our community, making the name change to Slade Print even more relevant. Founders Lisa and Tom Slade have 25 years as business leaders and print providers in the Evansville and tri-state region. That leadership extends into the community we serve through organizations like Community One, Southwest Indiana Chamber, Junior Achievement, ANEW, Evansville Industrial Foundation, and others.

Lisa and Tom remain passionate about their team and their clients, as well as being excited about transitioning the business to the next generation of family members. Son Hunter Slade has been a part of the organization for a decade, now running ProMark, while maintaining a strong influence in all things Slade Print. Daughter Emily Slade Manzo joined the family business five years ago, leaving a bright corporate future in Chicago but desiring the call to the family organization. Emily now oversees all aspects of the sales and marketing teams for the company.

The future is bright for Slade Print. Family values, faith values, and a commitment to clients and their co-workers contribute to a never-ceasing drive for excellence in all phases of our multi-product printing companies. Slade Print is a company that loves to serve–and relishes each opportunity to help a customer grow. This is the story of Slade Print. And we can’t wait to help you tell yours.