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Print is NOT dead.

Print is NOT dead. By Jon Mullins

In the 1984 blockbuster Ghostbusters, Dr. Egon Spengler proclaimed that “print is dead”. Thirty-five years later, declining sales and production of printed periodicals such as magazines and newspapers make this statement seem prophetic. It is undeniable that technological advances in social networking, and instantly streaming news feeds in the palm of your hand have made the printed word obsolete as a means of breaking news. However, the same cannot be said when it comes to increasing brand awareness, making a big announcement, or changing the overall look and feel of your environment. Just as technology has brought about significant changes in hardware and software for tech firms and news media, it has done the same for the printing industry. Innovation in the print world has smashed the boundaries of what types of images can be printed, what surfaces they can be printed on, and how quickly they can go from an idea in your head to a product in your hand.

At Slade Print, we take pride in being on the forefront of the innovation and technological advancements that are continuing to take place in our industry. We have, and will continue to, invested in the latest digital print equipment, design and RIP software, and bindery equipment. We will also strive to continue to push the boundaries as it relates to the types of projects we can create using this technology. At the same time, we remain committed to the same skilled craftsmanship and personal service that the team at Slade Print has become known for in Evansville area for more than twenty-five years. We feel so strongly about balancing our pursuit of innovation and creativity with our traditional print shop roots that we formed our mission statement out of that very idea.

Using tradition and technology to transform ideas and exceed expectations.

The exciting part about what we do at Slade Print is taking an idea that is in a customer’s head and producing a product that not only matches that idea, but in many cases exceeds it. Whether you need business cards and letterhead, a new brochure with neon graphics, or inside and out wall graphics with three dimensional lettering and art prints, we have the knowledge, experience, and technological capabilities to turn your idea into a product that helps you to tell your story.