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What is wide-format printing?

Wide Format Printing

At Slade Print we believe that every surface can carry a message. Today’s print technology allows for endless possibilities to engage, educate, or entertain your target audience. The purpose of this guide is to highlight just a few of the many ways in which printed graphics can be used to convey your message.


Wide Format Printing

We specialize in improving the atmosphere of any space by partnering with our clients to create a very specific tone or mood. Our knowledgeable sales staff is ready to answer your questions and provide ideas and our talented designers will design to you specific theme of vision. Whether it is highlighting a long history or storied tradition, promoting peace and tranquility, or making an impression through art and color, we have the knowledge and capability to create the atmosphere you envision.

Wall Graphics

Wall Graphics

Wall graphics are a great way to transform any dull space and create an atmosphere that reflects the intended purpose of the space. There are many different substrates suited to meet the exact type and texture of your walls. Wall vinyl is easily removed so can be refreshed as desired. We offer several different textures and laminate options that can turn any ordinary wall into a work of art.

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letters and logos are a great way to add depth and dimension to your interior and exterior signage. These letters are offered in a variety of sizes and mounting methods that allow them to be placed on most any solid surface materials.

Window Graphics and Acrylic

Window Graphics

Window graphics (internal or external) can serve a multitude of functional purposes while also providing pleasing visual graphics, conveying information, or advertising. Frosted vinyl provides privacy for offices, conference rooms, or any windowed area. Precision cutting and expert installation of these materials allows for this to be done in visually pleasing patterns and graphics. Perforated materials give the appearance of a solid image to the outside observer, while providing visibility from the inside.


Acrylic is a transparent thermoplastic that is lighter than glass and shatter-resistant. It can be printed with high resolution artwork, etched to provide depth and detail, and cut into any shape desired. Our install team is skilled at installing acrylic in layers, allowing for stunning visual effects of depth and detail.

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle WrapsVehicle wraps and decals turn your fleet into moving billboards to advertise, inform, or simply accentuate your brand profile.


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