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Where in the Wild is Slade?

Where in the Wild is Slade?

At Slade Print and ProMark we often refer to seeing our completed projects “in the wild”, meaning out in the community, at events or in random photos. For instance, during a recent news story, the entire background of the accompanying photo was of banners made at Slade Signs!

Whether it’s a large format job, clothing we printed, printed pieces (think community events, solicitations, trade shows, weddings, etc.) we enjoy seeing the fruits of our labors and encourage you to share Slade project photos on social media!

When you participate, you will help our friends at Mesker Zoo by applying dollars earned from your participation in the campaign to fund new graphics for the Education Center.

So how do you earn “wild” money for zoo? Starting today and going through March 2020, we will credit the zoo project as follows:

  1. $1 – Like and follow Slade Print and ProMark on Facebook and Instagram
  2. $1 - Share our posts with your friends 
  3. $1 - Share a photo of your projects printed at S/PM on your SM pages and tag us, #meetsladeprint, #inthewild, #meetpromark
  4. $10 for any photo posted that gets 10 or more shares
  5. $50 for each new and completed print order of $500 or more    
  6. $100 for each new web site (credited once deposit is received)

We look forward to seeing your posts! As always, telling your story is our ultimate goal. Please contact us if you have a project we can assist you with!

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