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Your Website is More Valuable than Ever!

Your Website is More Valuable than Ever!

With each passing day, the CV pandemic brings news that affects all our livelihoods. As we practice social distancing, we can still be productive in our businesses by offering products, services and information online. Now is a great time to review your website for accurate, up-to-date content and verify that all links are working.

Things to consider about your site:

  • If your web content is over 18 months old, you need a refresh! Web crawlers pass over stale content, making your listing drop down the SEO chain. Algorithms are constantly changing and so must your content! Fresh, relevant content is key to maintaining an organically high SEO level.


  • Content Management Systems (CMS) allow you to be in control of your site and make real time changes. In today’s environment, that is a must! If your business hours are fluctuating, services changing, etc. – get that information on your site right away so customers are aware. As more and more Americans are working from home, accurate information is paramount.


  • Social media is a great tool to help link customers to your site and provides yet another opportunity for you to engage with clients and prospects. If your hours or services are changing, even temporarily, use the power of social media to get the word out. Being active on social media also boosts your SEO ratings and makes you more visible to consumer searches. Add links for your Facebook, Linked In and Instagram accounts directly on your web site for easy access.


  • Is your site optimized? Consumers are now accessing the web more from mobile devices than desk top computers so make sure your site is optimized. Having an optimized site allows your data to adapt on any device - phone, tablet or desktop - to provide a good user experience. Users can easily scroll through pages rather than clicking on tabs.  


  • Check your reports! You are getting monthly site analytics, right? If not, you need to! Access to information about key words being utilized (and those that aren’t) by customers is an invaluable guide to the creation of relevant site content. If your key words aren’t being used, do customers know that’s a product or service you offer? 


Finally, we wish you well (literally!) during this uncertain time. We are open and ready to assist you on web and print projects.